There are times when happiness needs to be a priority in life. Your health and sanity depends on it. Sometimes that happiness can come from simply turning off the TV and avoiding mainstream media, fake news. What is fake news? Who determines what fake news is? Do you really trust the government, its rhetoric, and mainstream media controlled propaganda? Some fake news is used to entertain, satire news, but others are used to confuse and control you. Fake news is used to make people forget the truth.


People forget all the things!

  • People forget that the government constantly breaks promises it makes.
  • People forget that the innocent were rounded up and kidnapped by being held in Japanese Internment Camps.
  • People forget that farmers started a rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, in protest against an excise tax imposed on them which was quelled by George Washington and over 10 thousand militiamen resulting in hundreds arrested for treason.
  • People forget the government poisoned and murdered over 10,000 people to try and stop them from drinking alcohol when it was banned by the government.
  • People forget that the government slaughtered Native Americans, at Wounded Knee, who committed no crimes.
  • People forget that the CIA kidnapped and tortured the innocent under the MKUltra project.
  • People forget that the government conducted eugenics, which was developed by the Nazis.
  • People forget police in Philadelphia dropped bombs on a black neighborhood killing 11 people in total, 5 of them children, resulting fire burned down 60 homes.
  • People forget that a crime is anything that goes against what someone else wishes and was able to convince a small group of people to agree to.
  • People forget that the Constitution should be taken literally, 2nd Amendment - self defense is a right and the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed”.
  • People forget that the government will kill you if you stand up to them.
  • People forget that the government made it illegal to feed the homeless.
  • People forget there is no law too small that the government will not kill you over.
  • People forget police are fallible, humans - same as the criminals they chase, and cover up murders to protect themselves and their partners.
  • People forget politicians are fallible, like police and criminals, and are capable in committing crimes.
  • People forget Clinton committed crimes.
  • People forget Clinton pushed fake news to cover up her screw ups that cost lives.
  • People forget the DNC engaged in fraud by stealing the election nominee from Sanders and giving it to Clinton.
  • People forget the DNC and Clinton had a third party start violence at Trump rallies.
  • People forget Clinton pushed for Trump to be the GOP nominee.
  • People forget the Clintons take money from the Saudi's.
  • People forget the Saudi's financed the attacks on 9/11/01.
  • People forget that jet fuel cannot melt steel beams and that three buildings were demolished.
  • People forget the Pentagon announced that it lost 2.3 Trillion on 9/10/2001.
  • People forget that the Pentagon announced on 6/2016 that the Army made 6.5 Trillion wrongful accounting entries in 2015, resulting in an unknown amount of money being lost.
  • People forget that some in the government have ties to convicted child sex trafficking criminals and pedophiles.
  • People forget Clinton's vice chair of her 2016 campaign, Huma Abedin, is married to a pedophile.
  • People forget that a former GOP House Speaker (second in line for the presidency), Dennis Hastert, is a convicted pedophile.
  • People forget that a former DNC Representative, Keith Farnham, is a convicted pedophile.
  • People forget other governments' elites have been involved in child sex scandals with some being convicted pedophiles.
  • People forget those in power will cover up horrible crimes they are involved in.
  • People forget that hundreds of Pentagon employees have been caught purchasing child pornography but the investigation was terminated before being completed.
  • People forget that any allegation of child sex should be thoroughly investigated and that Pizzagate was not investigated.
  • People forget that there are many other instances where the government pushes fake news while keeping real news quiet.


People forget many things but mostly they forget the truth. Currently, most are blinded by the fake news about "fake news".


Fake - of unknown origin; attested in London criminal slang as adjective (1775 "a counterfeit"), verb (1812 "to rob"), and noun (1851, "a swindle;" of persons 1888, "a swindler"), but probably older. A likely source is feague "to spruce up by artificial means," from German fegen "polish, sweep," also "to clear out, plunder" in colloquial use.


News – late 14c. “new things”


Fake news is defined as new things that are counterfeit which is used to rob and swindle the truth from you.


People need to remember all the things!

  • People need to remember that the root definition of government means "control", which is the opposite of freedom.
  • People need to remember that "fake news" is government rhetoric used as a form of control.
  • People need to remember that they have Natural Rights that they are born with, rights are not granted to you by the government, which are violated daily by the government and its' enforcers.
  • People need to remember that police officers (the job) are policy enforcers for those ruling over us, not peace officers, who violate the rights of the innocent daily.
  • People need to remember that police and those ruling over us are paid through theft, because taxation is theft.
  • People need to remember that positions of authority and badges do not grant extra rights.
  • People need to remember that government is the problem, not the solution.
  • People need to remember that what made America great was the very act of defiance against an oppressive tyrannical government, Make America Defiant Again.


People need to learn all the things!



People forget, people remember, people learn... Sadly most tend to forget more often than they remember or learn, or they remember and learn only what the government tells them or pushes scripted mainstream media fake news. Time to break this vicious cycle is now. Change starts with you. You can make a difference if you remember and learn. This can be done by starting with your grammar. If you have other items to add please do so in the comments.



My name is Jeffrey Hann and I'm an anarchist/voluntarist, Army veteran, business analyst, graphics and website designer, and content creator. I have a passion for truth and being logical, which eventually lead me to anarchism. I strive to live my life through voluntary actions and valuing rights. I own Journalistic Revolution (Facebook) and I can be found on Twitter|Instagram|Minds|Steemit|Keybase


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“I think people in power have a
vested interest to oppose critical thinking.”

Carl Sagan