We will become the main focal point for political, economic, and social information mainstream media reports biasedly on. We focus on activism, liberty philosophy, and honest and moral reporting.


We strive to be a factual and honest, open-sourced news organization by providing you with valuable information on issues that are important to you. Weekly updates come through articles, videos, and radio content that will keep you more informed than biased news outlets. We hope to report the news and inform you how to get involved with important issues by providing a single location that hosts your thoughts and ideas.


We are here to enlighten our readers and viewers, those who wish not to be lied to or have their emotions toyed with. We want you to know that we strive to be judicious and veracious surrounding any content we publish or create. We accept what is, in fact, reality. However, we are rebellious, always looking for greater freedom for all.

This is our mission. This is our purpose. For you. For us. For our children's future.



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"Maybe we ought to consider a
Golden Rule in foreign policy: Don't
do to other nations what we
don't want happening to us. We
endlessly bomb these countries and then
we wonder why they get upset
with us?"

Ron Paul