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"If these people tell this story To their children, as they sleep... Maybe someday, they'll see a Hero Is just a Man who knows he's Free." -The Protomen

Problem, reaction, solution. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The Hegelian Dialectic. If you're here, you likely know this principle well; used as an implement of Crowd Psychology, it allows for the initiation of crises and management of public reaction to them, ultimately designed to bring about predetermined "solutions" to the very crises originally synthetically manifested. Guide the unwitting masses, stumbling from preprogrammed event to preprogrammed event, towards the conclusion of a "New Multilateral Economic Order." Simple enough, once you're privy to it, eh? At least, one would think.


The "Liberty Movement" and alternative media it's spawned are interesting creatures. Despite being birthed largely via ideologically-motivated individuals and groups attempting to de-occult the historical nuances of Deep Politics, (the Hegelian Dialectic among them) I never cease to be amazed at the willingness of seemingly "awakened" individuals to fall into the Hegelian machinations of the day. Perhaps it's due to the centuries of experience Globalists and their ilk have in squelching "populist" movements, or to the historical short-sightedness of alt-media viewers themselves. Perhaps it's merely the result of humans being the most psychologically-studied organisms on the face of the planet.


In our current stimulus-response, pre-Technofeudal culture, such an outcome is hardly surprising, and ultimately places the "anti-propagandists" of alternative media in something of a Catch-22 scenario: The very technologies that allow for the dissemination of occulted history, by their very nature, are eliminating the attention spans of the ignorant masses which they wish to inform. Whether by design or not, the historical luminaries of recent history (Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley and Stanford University's Antony Sutton among them) are having their complex, interwoven models of conspiratorial history diluted in favor of pervasive, reactionary "doom porn."


"In fact, the most successful kind of counterespionage work is achieved, not by preventing access to secrets, but by permitting access to information which is not true." -Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, pg. 920

The problem, alt-media prognosticators proclaim, is self-evident. Breakdown of political, economic, social, spiritual, moral, and ecological systems saturates our era, and with this much, one cannot disagree. The initial reaction to learning about our genetically modified, geoengineered, banker-driven Empire is, naturally, to be gripped with fear. In a society possessing true Wisdom, such fear would pass as the "initiate" were guided towards his or her "inner Light," and thus, inner Solutions, to the problems at hand; however seemingly unconquerable, one would pass from the age of innocence to true adulthood, true autonomy. Wisdom, however, does not abound in our age. Hegelianism does. Counterespionage does. And both of them always have an "External Savior" pre-arranged as the "Final Solution" to all woes.


For the spiritual, perhaps it's this guy:



Or for the politically-inclined, maybe the Dynamic Duo suits your tastes:



A collective solution, you say? Look over here:



Maybe the Goose that Shits the Golden BRICS is more your flavor:



Need I go on? All these clowns have a hero to sell you. There's always someone or something out there coming to save you from yourself. Save you from the big, bad Globalists you've let run Free Humanity amok for eons. They'll sell you pseudo-spiritual New Age bullshit, the return of our off-world "celestial brothers" come clad in white robes, economic systems backed by gold-plated puppies and kittens, whatever it takes to get you to outsource your own individual autonomy. Your own maturity.


Well, kids, it's time to grow up. Ain't nobody comin' to save you but yourselves.


This blog is intended as my personal attempt at "Hacking Hegelianism" and inserting choice between Stimulus and Response; examining the problems I see being engineered around us, formulating an independent reaction to these, and finally, promoting solutions unique to my perspective in hopes that you, the reader, intend to do the same. A synthesis between my own Deep Political research and my attempt to reverse-engineer the labyrinth of legal slavery erected with each passing day. A jailbreak of mind and body from hierarchical, power-driven control structures in the age of serfdom.


You are a slave. Emancipate yourself.


Blogging under the pseudonym of Rusticus, the author and freedom activist operates a website tracing the machinations of the Anglo-American Establishment throughout history while simultaneously documenting the process of creating a truly off-grid homestead. (


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"I do not agree with what
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