In the recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion in regard to purism within the anarchist community. The debate may have existed long before, but it seemed to reach a head when anarchists began endorsing members of the Libertarian Party. While I do not condone the usage of political parties to spread the message, I hold no ill will toward those who do. The purpose of this article is to offer my opinion in regard to this topic, and nothing more.


Anarchists have one goal in life: to end the criminal mafia known as government. While we may not all agree on the best way to accomplish this task, we all agree that the lives of everyone on the Earth would drastically improve by eliminating government at every level. The day the unsustainable debt brought about by central banking and fiat currency collapses, governments the world over will cease to exist as we know them. Anarchists and agorists alike will already know how to handle themselves in this situation, unlike the statists who will be gathering together in a frantic to try and rebuild the fallen State.


This is when being principled will become extremely important. If anarchists lack the proper principles, what is to stop the from joining with the statists in creating a new System, much like the one created after the Revolutionary War? If anarchists lack the proper principles, the State they wanted to see die will rise up again in due time. If you look at the various denominations of Christianity, it is easy to see why principles are important. If an anarchist lacks principles, he or she will not magically become principled once the State is no more.



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"When you hear someone say, 'If
you're not doing anything wrong, you
have nothing to worry about.' What
they're actually saying is, 'If I'm
not doing anything wrong, I don't
need to have rights."

Ben Swann