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A member of Copblock is being sued, for those who don't know, Nathan Cox is the founder of Virginia Copblock and he is being sued by an officer. On Memorial Day weekend, May 26th 2012 Nathan was pulled over for a minor traffic violation by Melanie McKenney. Which you can be read about here. It is in the opinion of this writer that this case is in a position to set a precedence that, not only can law enforcement oppress you, they can sue you personally as well. I am interested in how this plays out. Virginia Copblock and their Liberty Empowerment Project have done a lot to help, not only protect their neighbors from people who abuse power, but educate the general public in their right's. According to their website,


Mission: To educate people about their rights, and empower them to be active in the protection and preservation of liberty. Goal: The creation and targeted distribution of 10,000 educational packets consisting of literature on the following subjects: -The Philosophy of Liberty/The Nonaggression Principle -Police Accountability/Know Your Rights When Encountered by Police -Never Take a Plea Deal Concept -Jury Nullification We feel these subjects are the most critical to convey to the public; as they offer the most direct, immediate, and individually beneficial results in dealing with the ever expanding police state.

Nathan recently joined us on our radio show on Liberty Movement Radio. You can listen to the interview in it's entirety below. Make sure you visit your local Copblock website or meet up.




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"A system of morality which is
based on relative emotional values is
a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar
conception which has nothing sound in
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