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Ben Swann, on April 5 2014, spoke at, Florida Campaign for Liberty's, Florida Liberty Summit. The topic of discussion for the summit was “The Future of Liberty in America.” We will be posting interviews and footage of many of the great speakers and guests, but for this article I want to focus on Ben Swann's speech. One of the first questions Ben asked the crowd was, how many people believe that the U.S. is heading towards a Socialist government? Most of the crowd raised their hand or made noise of approval, but Ben then surprised me by stating they were wrong. He purports that the U.S. has been Socialist from at least 1935 citing Social Security and other programs. That, also, Socialist is only perceived so negatively because media uses it as a slur. That if you are Socialist "you must be some sort of godless monster." He goes on to say that if a community comes together and voluntarily share with each other, that is socialism and there is nothing wrong with that. He even pointed out that the Christian Right, who rails against Socialism, would most likely be surprised to know that one of the very first Christian movements was a Communist/Socialist movement. Citing the book of Acts in the Bible when all the Apostles gathered all their money together and distributed it among them equally. There is nothing inherently evil in such a community, as long as it is voluntary. Socialism, according to Ben Swann, is not the word we should be concerned about. Fascism is the word we should be paying attention to. He brought up this quote;


"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power." -Benito Mussolini

The word that Mussolini would have used at the time would have been "corporativismo." Which is very different than the definition most think when they hear "corporation" or "corporatism"


cor·po·ra·tion kôrpəˈrāSHən 1. A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
cor·po·ra·ti·vis·mo kôrporātiˈvizmo 1. A system of organization or economic and political thinking that views the community as a body on the basis of social solidarity organic, distinguishing functional roles and between individuals. 2. The term corporatism comes from the Latin corpus meaning body.

The reason for the distinction is because we need to be clear when defining Liberty in America and the question shouldn't be "Are we Socialist" but,


Have these United States become Fascist? -Ben Swann

He continues on to promote and endorse Bitcoin.


"For no other reason other than to stick it to the Federal Reserve" -Ben Swann

Then he gives very powerful and compelling reasons for Conspiracy Theorists, Liberty Republicans, Anarchists, Libertarians and Voluntarists to work together for a common goal, but don't take my word for it. Listen to Ben Swann, in his own words in the video below. Also at the end of the video we get to have a short interview with Ben.




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