This poem was published with my book COVID19 - SHORT PATH TO ‘YOU’LL OWN NOTHING. AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY.’: Welcome to the new Age of Tyranny (available through this site [signed copies available], Amazon, and Barnes and Noble). You if you go to my substack page, you can read parts of the book for free.


Human things
believe they know many things.
Many things
about many things.
But in the grand scheme of things,
human things
do not know many things.
One could say human things 
know a few things 
about a few things.
Some material things
dominate human things
which influences human things
to do bad things
for tyrannical things.
Tyrannical things
who worship cruel and evil things.
So, human things 
vote hard for tyrannical things
to subject other human things
to cruel and evil things 
because tyrannical things
promise material things.
Controlling human things
are government things
used by tyrannical things.
Human things
believing in government things 
are religious things
even though government things
are not godly things
but cruel and evil things
run by tyrannical things.
Government things
are the worst kind of things.
Human things
can do better things
than being controlled by government things
run by tyrannical things.
Human things
can evolve past needing government things
to control things
under the guise of solving things.
Government things
are the worst kind of things.
When human things
understand the reality of things
human things
fight cruel and evil things,
fight tyrannical things,
fight government things.
Government things
are the worst kind of things
to human things.



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"If we want to reduce poverty
and misery, if we want to
give to every deserving individual what
is needed for a safe existence
of an intelligent being, we want
to provide more machinery, more power.
Power is our mainstay, the primary
source of our many-sided energies."

Nikola Tesla