Statist Anonymous Step 1 through 12

Category: Video Satire Published: Wednesday, 11 September 2013 10:28 Hits: 1716

Statism is a serious problem afflicting our country. We here at JRev work hard on informing others about statism and how dangerous it is to your freedom, and now is the time for you to help those in need. If you know of anyone who is suffering from statism please show them this simple 12 step process that will help them overcome a very debilitating disease.


Step 1: Acceptance




Step 2: Self Empowerment




Step 3: Giving Yourself to the N.A.P.




Step 4: Inventory of your Morals




Step 5: The Nature of Your Statism




Step 6: Are You Ready to Remove Statism?




Step 7: The NAP Removes Our Statist Defects




Step 8: A list of Everyone




Step 9: Making Amends




Step 10: Admitting When You're Wrong




Step 11: Take a step back and move the message forward




Step 12: Statist Apocalypse




Note: No statists were harmed during the making of these videos...