Moment of Rage with Jeremiah Harding: Episode 2

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Moment of Rage



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Jeremiah Introduces himself and his show, talks a bit about his life philosophy, ideas, past, and outlook, and discusses some news related to the latest in government corruption.



  1. Mortars Strike Civilians in Mosul; 142 Killed in Iraq
  2. Symbolic Buildings, Bridge Captured in Mosul; 118 Killed in Iraq
  3. ISIS Burns Family to Death, Including Infant; 57 Killed in Iraq
  4. ISIS Attacks Checkpoints in Diyala Province; 184 Killed in Iraq
  5. Jonah’s Tomb Captured in Mosul; 50 Killed in Iraq
  6. Bodies Litter Tigris River in Mosul; 39 Killed in Iraq
  7. Cop’s Unpaid Storage Unit Auctioned Off — Full of Evidence from Unsolved Child Murder
  8. Galveston Texas Police Officer Arrested for Possession of Steroids
  9. Govt Allows Power Company to Dump Radioactive Waste Directly Under Drinking Water Aquifer
  10. BREAKING: Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence — She’ll Be Free in May!


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