Mind the Control Podcast #1: American Cowboys

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“The American people don’t read.” -Allen Dulles, Director of Central Intelligence

Perhaps the most infamous of all American “intelligence” agencies, the CIA (or The Company, as they so often refer to themselves) is an agency mired in controversy, blood, and conspiracy. On this inaugural episode of Mind the Control, we present a thorough primer on CIA, its origins, history, and activities in the present day. What can the founding of The Company tell us about its purpose and function? Who does the agency work for, exactly?



0:00:12 – Hand On Your Gun by Lowkey
0:00:48 – Michael Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch
0:01:58 – Russia Today’s Abby Martin on Iran Contra and the CIA Cocaine/Heroin Conspiracy
0:07:26 – Michael Ruppert’s Truth and Lies of 9/11 lecture
0:32:20 – Introduction Monologue
0:37:03 – The Origins of US Intelligence lecture by Dave Emory
2:35:51 – The Last CIA Whistleblower, an interview with John Stockwell
3:20:11 – Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist Part 2, a documentary by James Corbet of The Corbett Report
3:28:37 – Dr. Colin Ross on CIA Mind Control Programs
3:41:03 – CIA and Drug Running lecture by Michael Ruppert
4:48:03 – The Boston Bombing, the CIA, and the US Empire with Sibel Edmonds and Lew Rockwell


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