Journalistic Revolution: Episode 9

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Journalistic Revolution



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Finally being able to hammer down a time to record, Robert and Jeff tackle the two scientific topics that will upend the scientific community in the next few decades: the Electric Universe Theory and Biocentrism. These two topics have become a great interest for JRev and looks to be the "Queen of sciences," the theory of everything. Turn on. Tune in. Rebel!


Just give me the links:

  1. Thunderbolts Project - YouTube
  2. Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric: #1 Cosmic Magnetic Fields
  3. Biocentrism News
  4. A Real ‘Theory of Everything’ by Wal Thornhill
  5. Why Do Stars and Planets Have Magnetic Fields?
  6. Wal Thornhill: An Electric Cosmology for the 21st Century
  7. Space News Anniversary: Comet Missions
  8. Bioelectricity, Morphology, & Electroceuticals
  9. Wallace Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity | EU2015
  10. Wal Thornhill: An Examination of "Gravitational Waves"
  11. Robert Lanza - What are space and time?
  12. The Mystery of Consciousness | Interview with Dr. Michael Clarage
  13. Is Consciousness More than the Brain? | Interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz
  14. Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)
  15. Episode 2 Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars (Full Documentary)
  16. Donald Scott: New Evidence for Cosmic Birkeland Currents
  17. Why "Global Warming" Failed & Why Climate Change is Real
  18. Extreme Earthly Weather in an Electric Universe
  19. Big Shock to Big Bang


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