Journalistic Revolution: Episode 5

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Journalistic Revolution



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Jeff and Robert discuss the different philosophies of Anarchy. They try to answer how anarchy would work in the real world. As always, they use the Trivium Method of thinking to reach their conclusions. Turn on. Tune in. Rebel!


Just give me the words:

  • Personal property

  • Private property


Just give me the links:

  1. Private property
  2. Personal property
  3. Public property
  4. Why taxation is theft
  5. 9 Technologies for Building the 'Road of the Future'
  6. Volvo designs magnetic roads for cheaper, simpler self-driving cars
  7. Anarchist communism
  8. Free-market roads
  9. Atmospheric water generator
  10. Why can't we manufacture water?
  11. Hemp 101: What is Hemp, What’s It Used for, and Why is It Illegal?
  12. Hempcrete
  13. The self-healing concrete that can fix its own cracks
  14. Concrete canvas shelters
  15. Solar photovoltaic technologies
  16. Urban farming


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