Journalistic Revolution: Episode 3

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Journalistic Revolution



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Robert and Jeff talk step 2 the Trivium Method of Critical Thinking: Logic. Everyone has logical fallacies and inherent contradictions, key is to work hard to remove them. The History of religion and government is tied. Statism is a religion and the government is the deity. Language and Understanding is the most efficient way to Freedom.


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  1. List of fallacies
  2. List of cognitive bias
  3. Fallacies of definitions
  4. Fox News: Watchdog: Obama's 'Vacation, Political Travel' Cost $100M Over 8 Years share this Watchdog: Obama's 'Vacation, Political Travel' Cost $100M Over 8 Years
  5. Politicus USA: Trump’s Florida Vacations Have Cost Taxpayers Almost As Much In A Month As Obama Spent In A Year


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